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“The best advice is often the most simple and straightforward, you wonder why you didn’t see it yourself. You Brand simply unlocks the potential already within you. For many years I presented as the professional I thought people wanted and expected to see. It was exhausting, often miscalculated and ultimately ineffective. Working through You Brand has helped me learn how to perform myself, which is especially critical in this new virtual world we are living in. It takes a lot of courage but the reward of being comfortable in your own skin and building deeper, stronger professional (and personal) relationships is well worth the journey.”
Anthony D’Souza, Private Equity executive and fundraiser

Being “good at presentations” is a sure-fire way of raising your profile and being remembered by the people who count (that’s everyone you’re talking to by the way).

But what if…

  • Presentations fill you with dread and you avoid making them at all costs?
  • Or you've found ways to muddle through but don't really feel in control and it's all a bit grey and sweaty, and people think you're not very good, or boring...?
  • Or maybe you think you do OK but you know that you're really just presenting, not connecting?

Then You Brand could be just the breakthrough you need. 

We're unlike conventional public speaking coaches

You Brand coaching won’t bury you under a load of hints and tips that desert you in the heat of the moment. It will give you a different way of thinking and a new approach that will radically change how you perform. One or two chunky transformative bits of learning that will never let you down, and from which everything else will follow, naturally, organically, intuitively.

One of the big realisations you may make with You Brand is that being ‘good at presentations’ isn’t actually a natural talent you’re born with, it’s not just limited to the lucky chosen few. And it’s certainly nothing to do with your intrinsic worth as a human being. It’s mainly about awareness and technique. It's a craft that anyone can learn!

Overcome stage fright and present with impact

What’s the worst advice you can get when you’re going out into the spotlight, to make a presentation or a speech, or any other situation where you feel the focus is on you?

“Just be yourself.”

If you’ve tried this and fallen flat, you’ll know that ‘just being yourself’ doesn’t cut it. To connect with an audience, you have to perform yourself – give a heightened version of yourself in order to appear real and natural and to be engaging.

That’s what You Brand teaches you to do. But don’t worry. This isn’t about acting or pretending to be something you’re not. It’s all about being ‘you – more of you – with skill’ *.

* Rob Goffee, Emeritus Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School

As you master the craft of performing yourself, you’ll learn the techniques that professional actors use to overcome stage fright and nerves – in fact you'll discover how you can use presentation nerves as the very fuel you need in order to perform!

‘Fear generates in you a huge energy. You can use it. When I feel that mounting fear, I think, “Oh yes, there it is!” It’s like petrol.’ Dame Judi Dench

Projecting your true self is one of the best presentation skills you can learn…

As you progress through your You Brand journey, you’ll learn about the things that’ll help you perform brilliantly (and that, with practice, will happen naturally), including …

  • The magic technique professional actors use that allows them to communicate at a professional level, without fail, night after night - and which will keep you safe whenever you are in the spotlight!
  • How to appear real and natural even in high-pressure situations.
  • Using the storytelling framework to turn your content into messages that are colourful, vibrant and memorable.
  • Remaining spontaneous and able to extemporise but always stay on track
  • Speaking without scripts, notes, autocue or other presentation aids that get in the way.
  • How to create in your audience the sense that you have listened to them and they are in conversation with you - even if they say nothing!
  • Using emotional connection, personal disclosure and vulnerability as anchors and hooks for your presentation or speech.
  • How to use visual aids to add value rather than as a crutch or prompt.
  • Staying on top of Q&A and how to use it as a platform for conversation.

…and gradually – perhaps suddenly – presentations and speeches will turn into something you get a huge buzz from, a source of satisfaction that you actively seek out, and that will raise your profile to a whole new level.

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