Media Training

“Before people decide what they think about your content, they decide what they feel about you.”

Key to a successful media interview is the ability to project an authentic, real and natural personality in a way that is engaging, credible and memorable.  Without this, any training in the technicalities of media interviewing has nothing solid to build on.


That is why we start by giving people a grounding in the craft of ‘performing themselves’.  Rooted in the psychology and techniques of professional theatre, our You Brand coaching method helps people to bridge the ‘perception gap’ – the gap between how they would like to come across and how they are actually perceived – by giving them greater control over how they look, how they sound, and consequently how people feel about them and respond to them.


So the first part of our media training programme is devoted to performance work, before moving on to the specifics of media interviewing: an examination of how journalists work, what they’re looking for, traps to avoid … followed by a mix of practice interviews designed to prepare participants for the media channels and challenges they’re likely to face (which we discuss and agree with you in advance): print, radio, TV, Zoom etc.


The performance work is delivered by one of our highly experienced You Brand coaching team, with the afternoon session led by a specialist media trainer, who is a working journalist and broadcaster.


The session lasts a day, for up to three participants.