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We have a first-class track record within the Private Equity industry in helping management teams prepare for IPO or trade sale.

Our coaching is tailored to the specific needs of each event; but in every case, the critical difference we make is to ensure that an authentic, credible and engaging team of people are front and centre in the sales process, not decks of slides and reams of data.

Here is a selection of recent client reviews…


“The work you did with the management team in preparation for critical meetings when we were selling the business was invaluable. The team were able to portray a shared vision and each member was able to articulate this personally, allowing the presentation to live and breathe despite the challenge of doing so over Zoom. You made it as close to ‘in person’ as possible, and helped us cross the virtual void so the bidders could really meet the team. You were integral to the success of the sale. Quite an achievement, particularly given the tight time constraint.”
Guy Hands


“I would like to say a big thank you once more. Working with Personal Presentation to provide my senior leadership team the skills and the confidence to perform naturally and personably under the pressure of a sale process instead of resorting to ‘reading from a script’ or being too formally wedded to the PowerPoint narrative and charts, clearly made a big difference to the outcome of our process. 
Patrick Pulvermüller

CEO Acronis
(speaking as CEO, HEG)

Amdipharm Mercury Ltd.

“The work that you did with me and my colleagues, to prepare us for that critical sales process, was invaluable, it really was invaluable. It was confidence inspiring, it gave us the messages, it gave us the contact with the people we were talking to – absolutely sold on this, I really am.
John Beighton

speaking as Director, Concordia International
John Beighton

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