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“The improvement I have seen in my confidence and public speaking skills following my day’s coaching is immeasurable, especially when I’m feeling under pressure, like in an interview. I always felt as if I had a lot to say but I struggled to convey it in an effective manner - which ultimately led to me struggling to land a graduate role.  The work helped me to combat this lifelong problem of mine and I have now managed to land my dream role with my dream company. I cannot thank you enough.”
Amaan Abdulrahman, Investment banker, economics graduate, Arsenal fan, World kickboxing champion.  Featured in 'How to Break Into the Elite' - BBC Two, 2019.

You Brand provides all the answers to improve your confidence and perform well in interviews

The main focus of this is to develop your self-awareness and performance skills so that you come across as real and natural, and engage the interviewer with an energised performance so that they feel they’ve met the real you.

Gain interview skills that will make an impact

As part of this, You Brand interview coaching will familiarise you with some of the key differentiators that will make you stand out, such as:

  • Having the gravitas that what you have to say is important, and reflecting this in the weight if your delivery.
  • Use the Storywheel framework to 'land' what you say in the most impactful way.
  • Knowing you don't need to hide behind a lot of technicality and jargon or try to second guess the answers you think people want to hear.
  • Use personal disclosure to show your confidence and to intrigue the interviwerer and draw them in.
  • Using techniques of active listening and other parts of the performance toolkit to turn the interview into a conversation rather than a series of quetions and answers.
  • The power of 'staying in the pause': knowing when to stop talking and let things hang, rather than rushing to fill the gaps.
  • How to enter the room with a positive mindset, and how to sustain this during the interview.

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