We are a pioneering 21st Century communication company.

Helping you to make clear and strong connections with people to produce compelling and sustainable products, services and ideas.


Rooted in the discipline, psychology and techniques of professional theatre, our methodology unites head, heart and body and energises your personal communication so that it works, in any situation – whether it’s a conversation, meeting, presentation or pitch.


Personal Presentation Ltd. was founded in 1989 by Julia Goodman, well known as a stage, film and television actress. Her philosophy and unique approach have been transforming people’s understanding, ability and enjoyment of personal communication ever since.

Our blue-chip client list reflects years of experience at the highest level across a wide range of sectors.


To communicate well in their everyday lives, people face the same challenge as an actor. A good actor uses themselves to inform the part; a lesser one can just hide behind technique.

We have to inhabit the emotion, the thought we want to communicate, because we can only touch others if we’re emotionally connected to a truth inside ourselves. We have to be the message: we can only move people if we are moved.

Then we need the ability and the structure to give this full, brave, undistorted expression. This isn’t about acting. The role we’re playing is ourselves.

You Brand gives people the necessary tools and structure for them to enjoy freedom within a framework. It doesn’t just make them a ‘good presenter’, armed with a few tricks of the trade, but a rounded communicator, energised wherever they are by an emotional connectedness and an inner truth and able to express and control emotion at the same time. This ability is the crucial difference between a change initiative that works - and one that doesn't - at both an individual and organisational level.

Finding our true voice makes us more receptive and discerning to the voice of others. It makes us better listeners as well as talkers. It’s almost a new instinct that can have a wide-ranging impact on how other people see us, and how we see the world and ourselves in it.

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