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“I genuinely found the Personal Presentation programme to be one of the most useful training sessions I’ve experienced in my career. The course really challenged me to present myself more authentically to clients as an individual, whilst doing away with some of the “brochure speak” I’d become so well versed in over the years! Since attending the course I’ve found I’ve had far deeper and personalised conversations with clients strengthening existing client relationships further. I also don’t think it’s any coincidence that soon after attending the course I’ve experienced my most successful year to date in relation to new client appointments. I would personally recommend Personal Presentation to any consultant looking to take their client relationship management and new business development to the next level.”
James Patten, Partner, Aon

Building relationships is the key to successful pitching

People buy people. Never truer. 

Relationships are key to winning and retaining business. The ability to establish relationships fast, and then to deliver on this early promise, is key to making a successful sales pitch.

And these days we can often be pitching even when we’re not consciously aware of it – whether we’re presenting to a new prospect we’ve just met for the first time, or just chatting with a client we’ve known for years … we’re pitching!

The fact is, we’re always ‘on’.

You Brand coaching will help you perform the authentic, engaging ‘You’ wherever you are, whatever the situation, so that being ‘on’ becomes second nature. You’ll find it easy to transcend a formal pitch setting and turn it into a more intimate, personal space, whilst at the same time not being beguiled by the apparent casualness of that ‘pitch over a cup of coffee’.

Our transformative sales coaching will help you to:

  • Come across as real, natural, normal, and engaging, even when you may be feeling the pressure of being the focus of attention - so that people feel they have really 'met' you.
  • Turn your 'content' into messages that are colourful, resonant and memorable, that you 'own' personally and that breathe life, excitement and enthusiasm into whatever you are pitching.
  • Understand the psychological dynamics of the situation, so that you can better read and respond to other people's behaviour and maintain a positive mindset to keep you safe from psychological sabotage - and self-sabotage!
  • Use our Aggregate Assessment process to make a realistic estimate of where the other side is in the process of persuasion to you and your argument, so that you can calibrate your pitch accordingly.
  • Use Aimapping, our emotional strategy tool, to plan your pitch so that you can accurately decide the right emotional as well as intellectual buttons to press in order to get the best result from the interaction. Going for 'Yes' isn't necessarily the best strategy!

And to help you pitch successfully as a team, we'll work with you on:

  • The overall theme, message and structure of the pitch, and how it breaks down into individual parts.
  • Planning and rehearsing individual and team performances, and fine-tuning messages.
  • Working out handovers, staging and visual aids.
  • Rehearding Q&A
  • Ensuring - most important of all - that your client feels that they have met you - not just your content or your Powerpoint. And that together you come across as a tight, dynamic team who have individual and shared ownershop they care about.

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