You Brand: A Manual for Confidence

You Brand: A Manual for Confidence, a self-help book on confidence & communication skills

Julia Goodman’s book 'You Brand: A Manual for Confidence' captures the key learning of our four-day programme. Full of light-bulb moments, disruptive theory and liberating exercises you can do at home, the book will give you a practical experience of You Brand, wherever you are. And if you’ve enjoyed any of our face-to-face coaching, this book is an excellent reference tool.

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Written by one of the world's top communication coaches

Drawing on her successful acting career, Julia Goodman has written a unique manual for self-confidence and impactful personal communication. This self-help book lets you in on the secrets of her one-to-one coaching programme. The ground-breaking You Brand methodology, which she started developing over 30 years ago, is rooted in the science, psychology, and techniques of professional theatre. 

A self-help book to put you in control of your coaching

This book will help you to connect your heart, head, and body to bridge the perception gap: the difference between how you intend to come across and how people actually experience you. It will provide you with a whole new understanding and self-awareness, and give you practical tools to put you more in control in situations where you may feel exposed, vulnerable, and judged.

You Brand is all about learning to project the real you, warts n all. It’s not about being perfect or even liked necessarily. The You Brand philosophy and method are all about giving you the courage, confidence, and ability to be yourself - more - with skill. It’s a life changer!

"This book is a masterclass in helping people to be themselves and in doing so communicate powerfully ... it's a book to read, re-read and then read again."
Neil Sherlock CBE, Non Executive Chair, Echo Research, and Special Adviser, KPMG
"The information in Julia's book is invaluable. No matter how experienced you may be as a communicator this book will make you a stronger one."
Courtney Pledger, CEO Arkansas PBS
“This is a down to earth, honest no-nonsense book that I’d been planning on buying since seeing the launch. Why? It made sense. It ticked boxes. It didn’t seem pie in the sky nonsense. What it did do was resonate deeply.

I started to evaluate the lessons  in this wonderful little book. If I’m honest, I’m not finished with it, yet. It’s not a book I feel I can skip through quickly and learn properly.

If you feel that other people have defined you, by accident or design, then you really need to get this book. It’s self help, yes. But not in the usual sickly sweet trite format, with no giving back from the author. It feels like a two way road. And one well worth travelling.

I can’t recommend it highly enough and I’m really enjoying working through it. Everything the author says makes sense and it is a book I will treasure.”
Angi Booksnbanter reviewing for Lovebooksgroup
"Julia Goodman helped me overcome my concerns that being dyslexic meant I could not speak in public ... This is a must-read manual if you're seeking a confidence boost in your personal or professional life."
Guy Hands, Founder and Chairman of Terra Firma Capital Partners
"I have to say that as somebody who has been on the You Brand learning experience I have also read the book. Not because I had to but because I wanted to. Really important distinction. It is a really good book which supported the You Brand work really well. If you are curious about your personal development then worth a look."
Douglas Waddell, Operations Director, Hand Picked Hotels